Using Report Binders in Reconciliation Compliance

Report binders are used to create versions of reconciliations that may be printed or used for offline viewing. Report binders can fulfill audit requests. Binders can be created containing the subset of reconciliations being audited, without having to train auditors.

Report binders can be generated by administrators from the Application, then Configuration, and then Periods option. All users can generate a report binder from the Worklist in Actions.

The Report Binder from Application, then Configuration and then Periodscontains all reconciliations for the selected period. With the Report Binder from the Worklist , the user can choose to create the binder with all reconciliations visible in the list, or filter to use a selected set of records. When generated from the Worklist, the binder can include reconciliations from multiple periods.

Report binders are generated as ZIP files containing these formats:

  • Report Summary: Contains a hyperlinked list of reconciliations included in the binder.

  • Reconciliation Transaction Details: One file is created for each reconciliation. The structure is very similar to the structure of the Reconciliation Actions dialog box. At a minimum, the file includes lists of transactions of each type included in the reconciliation. If you choose to include transaction details, full record details are provided for each transaction.

  • Attachments: One folder is included for each reconciliation containing attachments to the reconciliation, but only if the user chooses to include attachments when creating the binder.