The Matching card on the Home page lists reconciliations created in Transaction Matching and shows a description, the name of the preparer, and whether there are unmatched items.
Matching card


An empty list is displayed for Power Users who have no security scope defined and no transactions assigned.

For information about the Transactions tab, see Searching Transactions in Transaction Matching

From this dialog, you can perform the following actions on that reconciliation:

  • Open
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Run AutoMatch

To learn more about Transaction Matching, see Learning About Transaction Matching

The process for performing matching involves the following:

  1. Importing Data. See Importing Data
  2. Running Auto Match. See Running Auto Match.
  3. Confirming Suggested Matches. See Suggested Matches
  4. Creating Manual Matches. See Creating Manual Matches
  5. Creating the Reconciliation Balancing Report. See Creating the Balancing Report