Process Overview for Reconciliation Compliance

Reconciliation Compliance uses a six step process that starts with loading data.
Process of creating reconciliations: Load data, auto reconcile, notify, prepare, review, monitor

  • Load data-- Loading data is the first step in the process. Loading data can be from a premapped file or through Data Management.
  • Auto reconciliation--Once balances have been loaded, auto reconciliation occurs, whereby Account Reconciliation automatically completes reconciliations for certain types of accounts such as those with a zero balance, or those where the source and subsystem balances match.


    In order for auto reconciliation to work, data must exist at all enabled buckets of the reconciliation.
  • Notify--After you’ve auto reconciled everything you can, then manual reconciliation begins, which starts with sending email reminders to those who need to perform the work.
  • Prepare--This is the additional reconciliation work required by Preparers to complete the reconciliation and get it ready for review.
  • Review--Workflow notifications are sent to users to perform their necessary review or commentator work and also notifies users when work is not on time.
  • Monitor--Dashboards allow you to see how work is proceeding.


The Service Administrator can assign a team that contains the same user in the Preparer team and Reviewer team. However, during the process of approving a reconciliation, that user can perform either the preparation or approval, not both.