User Tasks in Reconciliation Compliance

There are different users that are part of the reconciliation process: Service Administrator, Power User, User (includes workflow users of Preparer, Reviewer, and Commentator) and Viewer.

Service Administrators control what is allowed within a reconciliation through the use of rules that can be configured to prevent transactions from being saved or reconciliations from being submitted if they are not compliant with policies. This ensures that preparers are doing their jobs correctly before the reconciliation is even presented for approval.

Users include the following workflow users:

Preparers provide the proper justification for the balance. Justifications may take the form of a balance-to-balance comparison, an account analysis, where the preparer provides a justification for the items comprising the balance or a variance analysis type. The style of reconciliation is based on the format assigned by the administrator, who can choose from the library of standard formats, or build customized formats completely from scratch. As preparers work on reconciliations, they enter reconciling items, balance explanations, attachments, and comments as needed to support the justification of the balance.

Reviewers are responsible for the approval process. Reconciliations can have any number of assigned reviewers, performing the approvals monthly, quarterly, or even dynamically when risk conditions have been detected within the account. Risk conditions can be defined based on reconciliation balances or content (in the current period or any prior period), or even based on statistical trends across a range of prior periods.

Commentators are users that can provide additional comments on reconciliations.

Viewers have view access only to reconciliations.