Accessing Reconciliations from Dashboards Card

To access reconciliations from dashboards:

  1. From the Home Page, click Dashboards.
    screenshot of dashboard list of reconciliations
  2. Select Overview.
    overview dashboard reconciliation compliance
  3. You can access different categories of reconciliations. For example, click on Open, Late, or On Time to see a list of reconciliations in that category, or filter by Format in this example to see Zero Balance Accounts reconciliations.
  4. From the list that displays, click to open the reconciliation you want to work on. For example, click on Accounts Payable Clearing to work on that reconciliation.
    screenshot of reconciliations list from dashboards

    Once you open a reconciliation, you see several tabs.
    screenshot of Fixed Assets reconciliation

    For details on preparing reconciliations, see Preparing Reconciliations