Selecting Columns While Searching Transactions in Transaction Matching

To see all available columns, from Actions, choose Select Columns and you can select from any of the columns listed in the following table. In addition to these columns, the attributes from the selected match type are displayed in the column list.

Table 9-1 Available Columns

Column Name Filterable Description
Account ID Yes The unique account ID
Accounting Date Yes The accounting date of the adjustment
Adjusted Yes

Yes = Confirmed and has adjustment or Confirmed Adjust.

No = if not Confirmed (meaning Suggested or not yet matched)

Adjustment Type Yes Adjustment type used for the match with adjustment. Blank for unmatched transactions and exact matches.
Adjusted By Yes Name of the user who created the adjustment
Adjusted On Yes Date on which the adjustment was created
Adjustment To Yes The data source to which the adjustment was created
Alert ID Yes ID of the alert that is associated with this transaction.
Alert Name Yes Name of the alert that is associated with this transaction.
Alert Status Yes Status of the alert that is associated with this transaction.
Age Yes Number of days between today and Accounting Date. Age is calculated based on the Accounting Date.
Amount Yes The Adjustment amount.
Created Date Yes Imported date.
Data Source Yes The data sources available for the Match Type. One data source a time.
Edited Yes Yes = Transaction was ever Edited or Split. Otherwise, No.
Extract Status Yes Open or Closed. Relates to status of the transaction/adjustment journal export process.
Import Job ID Yes  
Journal Export Job ID Yes  
Match ID Yes

Blank = Unmatched Transactions

Link to view Match for both Data source and adjustments.

Match Process Name Yes

Blank = Unmatched Transactions

Matched Yes Yes = Transaction status is Confirmed or Confirmed Adjust. Otherwise, No.
Matched By Yes You cannot search by user since the system lists an automatic designation for some unmatched transactions.
Matched On Yes Date match performed. You cannot search by date.
Rule Name Yes Manual Match Rule for Manual match and actual rule name for other rules
Rule Type Yes Blank for manual and rule type for other rules
Status Yes
  • Suggested Match

  • Confirmed Match

  • Suggested Adjust

  • Confirmed Adjust

  • Supported

  • Unmatched

Support ID Yes Available if the transaction has support irrespective of the current status of the transaction. Support details display when you click Support ID.
Support Type Yes Support type used while creating Support. Blank for a transaction that does not have a support.
Transaction ID Yes System assigned value when transaction is loaded. For Adjustments, this is the system assigned value when the adjustment is created. Value is unique per data source.