9 Log In and Start Checklist for Account Reconciliation Viewers

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Welcome, Account Reconciliation Viewers!

viewer role

Here’s a checklist to help you get going with Account Reconciliation on Day 1 of your experience, with links to documentation and other resources.


This checklist is meant to be a general guideline for tasks to be performed on Day 1 after the Account Reconciliation application is ready to use. It is assumed that the Account Reconciliation business process has already been set up. There may be more or fewer tasks required for this role on Day 1, depending on your organization’s requirements, the application design, and the application roles you have been assigned.

Install clients and configure

install client

Make sure your browser meets the prerequisites.

Read this: Setting Up Browsers for EPM Cloud (10 minutes)

Log in and setup

login and set up

  1. Log in to Account Reconciliation.

    Read this: Access EPM Cloud (10 minutes)

  2. Navigate around the Home page.

    Read this: Overview of the Home Page (10 minutes)

  3. Get ready to work in Account Reconciliation, such as setting preferences.

    Read this: Managing Preferences (10 minutes)

Start using Account Reconciliation

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Access reconciliations

Read this: Accessing Reconciliations (5 minutes)