8 Learn and Connect Checklist for Account Reconciliation Viewers

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Welcome, Account Reconciliation Viewers!

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Here’s a checklist to help you learn about Account Reconciliation with links to training, reference materials and community resources.

Learn about Account Reconciliation

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  1. Orient yourself with Account Reconciliation by watching this video tour.

    Watch this: Overview: Tour of EPM Cloud Account Reconciliation. (5 minutes)

  2. Read this: Account Reconciliation Overview. (5 minutes)

  3. Visit the Account Reconciliation library on the Help Center, your one-stop shop for videos, tutorials, documentation and tools. Account Reconciliation Help Center. (5 minutes)

Start using Account Reconciliation

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  1. Review the basic Account Reconciliation steps that you’ll perform. (60 minutes)

  2. Get familiar with the application interface and how you’ll start your Account Reconciliation activities. (25 minutes)

    Read this: Overview of the Home Page and Navigation. (5 minutes)

See new features in each monthly update

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  1. Once you’re up and running, read about the new features in each monthly update. (5 minutes)

    See What's New features

  2. See all the Account Reconciliation features from previous monthly updates. (5 minutes)

    See Cloud Feature Tool

  3. Read about new and upcoming features. Account Reconciliation Roadmap.

Connect with Account Reconciliation communities

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Join Customer Connect, an online community, to collaborate and learn with colleagues. Review each of these areas: (10 minutes)

Join a Account Reconciliation User Group to collaborate and learn more

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Particpating in user groups keeps you on the cutting edge of the EPM Cloud landscape. Join one of these user groups:

  • Join ODTUG to stay on the cutting edge of the Oracle technology landscape
  • Join OATUG to learn about Oracle applications and technology
  • Join UKOUG to connect, learn, and collaborate with UK users and partners
  • Join a local User Group to connect with users in your area
  • Participate in Adhoc Get Togethers to learn and ask questions on specific topics