Settings for Transaction Matching

Administrators can configure settings that improve performance and make transaction matching easy to use.

Settings that can be configured include search mode, enabling or disabling inline edits for unmatched transactions, and batch size for purging transactions.

To configure transaction matching settings:

  1. From Home, click Application, then Configuration.
  2. On the System Settings tab, select Transaction Matching.
  3. Set Search Mode to tune the performance of transaction search. Select one of the following options:
    • Normal: This is the default setting.
    • Parallel Mode: Use this mode when your typical search is across all accounts within a Match Type.
    • Full Scan Mode: Use this mode when your typical search requires selection of single account.
  4. To enable inline editing of the values of editable attributes in the Unmatched Transaction dialog, select Enable Inline Edit.

    This acts as a master on/off switch for all editable attributes and for all unmatched transactions. The default is off.

  5. In Batch Size, specify the batch size that must be used when purging transactions.

    The default is 200000. The minimum value is 1000 and the maximum value is 200000.

  6. Under Import Transactions, select Ignore Invalid Accounts to ignore transactions with invalid or unmatched account IDs during a data load. The data load succeeds and the import log file contains warnings for the transactions that were not loaded.

    When this setting is unchecked, the import fails when the load file contains transactions with invalid account IDs or unmapped accounts.