Creating Periods

You can either create periods manually or you can create multiple periods using an import file.

See Importing Multiple Periods from a File

A calendar gets assigned to Periods and to Organizational Units. Each period has a base calendar by default; however, administrators can add calendars to support different start date, open date, close date, and frequency configurations.

To create a Period:

  1. From Home, click Application, then Configuration, and then the Periods tab.
  2. Click New (+) to open the New Period dialog box.
  3. On the Properties tab, enter:
    • Period Name

    • Prior Period

      Specify the period that should be used as the prior period.


      After a period is opened, you can't change the prior period.

      You can't save periods if the prior period contains a period referenced as a prior period for a different period. A period should exist only once as a prior period.

    • Calendars

      A calendar includes start date, end date, close date, and frequencies. Calendars are assigned to Organizational Units in the Organizational Unit dialog box.

      Each period has a base calendar row added to the table by default, and this row has a locked icon appearing in the locked column.

      The locked icon indicates that the row cannot be deleted.

      The period can't be saved unless the Administrator selects the Calendar start, end, and close dates. The Administrator must select at least one frequency.