About Address Verification

Oracle Address Verification can correct misspelled city or street names, complete postal codes, and standardize abbreviations like Pkwy. The service takes your address data and returns matches—one match or multiple matches—and you can select which version you want to use as the standard.

Address verification can be used in real time to verify mailing addresses or to provide type-ahead smart data when entering addresses. It can also be used in batch mode to verify large numbers of records. The following videos provide a summary of address verification functionality.
  • Verify Addresses in Real Time: Click the Verify Address button when creating or editing an account to make sure you have complete and standardized addresses.

  • Verify Addresses using Type-Ahead Smart Data: Enable address suggestions to automatically appear as you start entering an address: the more you enter, the more the results narrow down to the closest match.

  • Run Batch Address Cleansing: You can verify all addresses in your application that have been updated or imported since your last batch cleansing job. With Simulated mode, you can review each verified address before accepting and importing it into Customer Data Management.