Integrate with Oracle Sales or Procurement

You can enable Oracle Sales to integrate with Address, Email, and Phone Verification for real-time verification and autocomplete address functionality on data entry. You can also enable Oracle Procurement to integrate with Address Verification for autocomplete address functionality.

This assumes you have an active Sales or Procurement subscription, and then add a subscription for Oracle Address, Email, and Phone Verification.

  1. In CX Sales or Procurement, configure the Manage Integration with Oracle Verification Services task.

    In the Setup and Maintenance work area, go to the following:

    • Offering: Sales

    • Functional Area: Integrations

    • Task: Manage Integration with Oracle Verification Services

    Note: The user doing the integration must have the DATASERVICE_CLIENT_API_APPID role. See How to Begin with Address, Email, and Phone Verification.
  2. Select OAuth Authentication.

    For information about adding a confidential application and getting the Client ID and Secret, see Add a Confidential Application in Administering Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
    Note: On the Client page of the Add Confidential Application wizard, in the Authorization section, select Resource Owner, Client Credentials, Authorization Code, and Refresh Token as Allowed Grant Types. Leave Redirect URL blank.
    Note: If you use Basic Authentication, do not include the question mark special character (?) in the password.
  3. For URL, remove /data/ui from the end of the instance address listed in your Welcome email and in the Cloud Console.

    For example,