Use Phone Verification REST API

Phone verification lets you verify global phone numbers in your applications. You can do individual or batch verifications.

This takes as input the phone number to verify in international format (for example, +447528471411) or in national format with a country code (for example, 07528471411 and GB as the country parameter). The response signifies the following:

  • Valid: The phone number was successfully verified.

  • Invalid: The phone number was not successfully verified.

  • The request timed out before it could be completed.

Invalid and partially-valid verifications show the date of the most recent verification. To show the valid status on valid phone numbers right away, change the verification threshold date. For example, if you're working in Oracle CX Sales and the threshold is set to 180, then 180 days after the last valid verification was run, the UI renders with the phone number the Verification Status, Verification Date, a Re-verify icon, and an Overwrite icon on the Contact and Account Profile pages. To show the valid status with these icons right away, change the verification threshold to 0.

For detailed information, see Phone Verify in REST API for Oracle Address, Email, and Phone Verification.