Create a Dimension Alias

Dimension alias are alias names on the warehouse dimension tables. You can specify the alias names for the Dimension type augmentations and the data that is in the warehouse already as dimensions. The alias names enable you to reuse the existing warehouse tables with different names in the subject areas.

You create dimension aliases as a type of augmentation. This is useful when you want to reinstate a dimension for analysis. For example, if the Purchase Requisition has columns such as “Requested By”, “Ordered By”, and “Received By”, all of which are different types of employees, and you need to analyze for each type, then you need to join the fact table to the employee table for each type. In this case, the employee dimension is aliased as “Requested By Employee Dim”, “Ordered By Employee Dim” and “Received By Employee Dim” and joined to the fact table using the appropriate keys.

When you create the aliases, Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse doesn’t copy the data for the dimension aliases. These augmentations don’t have a pipeline status, but they are visible in the subject area.

  1. Sign in to your service.
  2. In Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Console, click Data Configuration under Application Administration.
  3. On the Data Configuration page, under Configurations, click Data Augmentation.
  4. On the Data Augmentation page, click Create, and select Dimension Alias.
  5. In the Add Dimension Alias dialog, in Source Dimension, select a dimension from the source tables such as Employee.
  6. In Dimension Alias, enter a name such as Employee Dim.
    In Table Name, Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse displays the name such as DW_FA_X_EMPLOYEE_DIM.
  7. In Subject Areas to expose alias, select one or more subject areas from the subject areas where the original source dimension exists.
  8. Add a description of the dimension alias.
  9. Click Save.