3 Configure Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Data

As the cloud account administrator with the Functional Administrator or System Administrator application role, you specify the data load and reporting configuration details, and create data pipelines for functional areas that determine how the source data from Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications is loaded and displayed in the data warehouse.

For example, you might specify the Initial Extract Date as January 1, 2019, specify the global currency as US Dollars (USD), and select the exchange rate to convert transactions to the global currency.


The times visible in the Console are in local time zone. However, Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse stores the values for the Warehouse Refresh Date Time and Scheduled Date in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in the autonomous data warehouse.

Any data you load into the autonomous data warehouse in Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is subject to the data access controls that may not always match those in the source system. For example, if User1 doesn't have the rights to access some data in your source system, then when you bring that data over to the autonomous data warehouse in Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, this User1 can access that particular data. If you want to have the same controls on the data, then you must ensure that this particular User1 has the same data access rights as your source system in your Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse user setup.