Filter Data by Deck

Filter the cards in a deck to show specific information about a KPI in each card, or filter each card to show more specific information about the KPI elements.

Deck-level filters are subject to the data shown in all the cards in the deck. To filter individual cards, use the filters for those cards. If card-level filters come in conflict with the deck's filters, the deck converts to a hererogeneous state and the individual cards adopt the filters. If you want to use a deck filter, you must override all the cards' filters, or you can keep the individual card filters.
  1. Review existing deck-level filters at the top of the Decks page, which can be toggled on and off by clicking the Filter icon on the right. Card-level filters are shown at the bottom of each card.
  2. Add a deck-level filter (when filters are toggled on) by clicking the plus icon (+) icon at the top of the Decks page.