Insert an Image

You can insert an image that is accessible through a URL in your HTML.

You can also define the size of the image, its border properties, and alignment.

Note: Copy and paste functionality is not available when inserting images into answers. Therefore, all answer images must be referenced by URL. As a best practice, we advise you to host your files and graphics on your own web servers and link to those files (through a HTTP address) within your answer content. For information about storing images, see Answer ID 4161 on our customer support site.
  1. From an answers report, right-click the answer and select Open.
  2. Click the Image icon on the toolbar.
    The Image Properties window opens.
  3. Enter field information.

    Image Properties

    Field Description
    *URL Enter the URL where the image is found.
    Alternative Text Enter the alternate text for the image.
    Width Enter the width, in pixels, you want the image to appear.
    Height Enter the height, in pixels, you want the image to appear.
    Border Enter the width, in pixels, of the image border.
  4. Click OK.