Oracle Data as a Service for Customer Intelligence

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Oracle DaaS for Customer Intelligence provides APIs that help you gain insight on your customers' purchasing process and identify opportunities for further engagement.

See the Big Picture

Learn how the DaaS for Customer Intelligence analysis tools extract value from the 'noise' of global social media and news feeds.

Create Your Topic API Requests

Topics are search queries that collect mentions of a brand, industry, or any subject of interest from the social space. Indicators can filter the topics. The Topic API creates topics and indicators, which you then look for and analyze using the Semantic API and the Enriched Social Data Feed API.

Create Your Enriched Social Data Feed API Requests

The Enriched Social Data Feed API provides access to enriched messages containing categorized and filtered consumer-generated media from our large inbound data stream across millions of posts.

Create Your Semantic API Requests

The Semantic API analyzes unstructured data to find information about topics you're interested in, plus it identifies user sentiment, themes, top terms, and more.

Create Your Historical API Requests

The Historical API provides information about existing Topic API topics. Create and complete historical jobs for gathering information about topics that the Topic API created.

Learn Semantic API Best Practices

Find out how to plan and define your semantic analysis to uncover the most valuable insights