Oracle Siebel integration

You can integrate Oracle Unity with Oracle Siebel to seamlessly send customer and contact data from Siebel to Oracle Unity.

Understanding Oracle Siebel

With Oracle Siebel CRM you can utilize a complete, enterprise grade CRM solution, capable of extreme scale and performance for even the most complex organizations. Oracle Siebel CRM has unrivalled customization and integration capabilities, an open architecture for a truly personalized user experience, and can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud.

Learn more about Oracle Siebel by referring to Oracle Siebel CRM Documentation.

Transferring data with Oracle Object Storage

To set up the transfer of data from Oracle Siebel to Oracle Unity, you will need to use Oracle Object Storage as a data source.

Learn more about Oracle Object Storage integration.

Next steps

Setting up the import of Oracle Siebel data

Using Oracle Siebel data

Learn more

Siebel CRM Integration with Oracle Unity from the Oracle Siebel Help Center

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