Oracle Data Marketplace

The Oracle Data Marketplace is the world's largest third-party data marketplace and the standard for open and transparent audience data trading. It provides an ecosystem built on premium quality data, flexible and fair pricing, and scale that is unmatched in the industry. The result is the most comprehensive access to quality data available to target audiences at any stage of the purchase funnel.

Oracle Data Marketplace data providers offer more than 30,000 data attributes to power your branding or direct marketing initiatives and let you connect with your target audience anywhere on the internet.

  • Access actionable audience data on more than 300 million users. That's over 80% of the entire US internet population at your fingertips.
  • Leverage a range of data to power in-market to business to demographic targeting; some which are exclusive and not available anywhere else.
  • The Oracle Data Marketplace operates on the Data Activation System™, which is the industry's standard for data management and analytics.
  • Eighty percent of the top 20 ad networks, portals, trading desks, and creative optimizers leverage data from the Oracle Data Marketplace platform to run high performance ad campaigns.

Oracle Data Cloud data directory

The Oracle Data Cloud data directory showcases Oracle's aggregation of market-leading data available through the Oracle Data Marketplace - the world's largest collection of third-party data. This data is cultivated from industry leading branded and unbranded data providers giving users access to a billion profiles across 30,000 categories that can be leveraged for ad targeting, site optimization, custom segmentation and more to deliver the most relevant customer experiences at every touch point.

Categories in the Oracle Data Marketplace

The following tables summarize the third-party data available in the Oracle Data Marketplace that you can add to your target audiences.

Oracle Data Cloud platform data

Category Description
Consumer technology Users interested and in-market for consumer technology products, as well as people who own specific technology devices.
Demographic The Oracle Data Cloud captures over 200 demographic attributes from online and offline data sources including age, gender, employment, language, family composition, household income and net worth. All Oracle Data Cloud demographic data is ‘self declared’ and is not inferred or modeled.
In-market auto Users who have demonstrated intent through make and model searches, car configurations and dealership quote requests via online automotive sites. 93% of the platform’s in-market auto users come from comScore top 10 automotive sites.
In-market CPG Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase consumer packaged goods through searches, product comparisons, and online auctions. Sample verticals include pet supplies, household supplies, baby care products, and health and beauty supplies.
In-market education Users who demonstrated intent to pursue education and vocational training, typically at post-secondary institutions. Examples include searches on particular schools, majors, and financial aid products.
In-market financial Users who have performed actions such as search queries, using financial calculators, and comparing credit card offers, mortgage rates, insurance products and retirement plans. 80% of in-market finance data comes from comScore top 50 financial sites.
In-market real estate Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase or rent real estate. Examples of intent include researching property listings and filling out requests for information on top real estate sites.
In-market retail Users who have performed product comparisons, auction behavior, or SKU-level searches on top online retail sites. Verticals include clothing, shoes and accessories, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, health & beauty, home & garden, entertainment, video games, and automotive parts and accessories.
In-market service Users who have demonstrated intent to purchase local goods and services such as restaurants, mechanics, or retail stores in particular geographic locations.
In-market travel Users who have searched for flights, hotels, and car rentals on top online travel sites in the last 30 days. 94% of the platform’s in-market travel users come from comScore top 10 travel sites, such as
Interest Oracle Data Cloud interest is separate from In-Market and consists of activities like reading blog posts or general news about a product or service. Verticals include autos, arts and entertainment, online activities, hobbies, politics and current events, sports, travel, and more.
Media & entertainment Users interested in events and attractions, movies, music, news and current events, sports, television, and video games. Interest is demonstrated by activities like reading blog posts and searching for media and entertainment news, or about an entertainment-related product or service. Interest categories may also include modeled data of people who have taken a specific action related to an entertainment related product/service. Also includes data from offline sources.
Predictors Predictors consists of modeled ‘look-a-likes’ of Oracle Data Cloud in-market auto, retail and travel, modeled from online and offline data sources using predictors as reach extension to Oracle Data Cloud in-market.
Travel Users interested and in-market for air travel, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages.
Validated demographic Accurate demographic online data from Oracle Data Cloud platform and offline data from Oracle Datalogix to create a highly precise and highly scaled data set that scores as high as 85%+ for age and gender groups and 2x average improvement in campaign accuracy against benchmarks published by comScore and Nielsen.

The Oracle Data Cloud platform has built algorithms leveraging “wisdom of the data experts” to cross reference sources and create a consensus approach to qualifying the accuracy of demographic information. The more accurate your data, the better your targeting. With high and medium confidence levels, Oracle Data Cloud premium demographic data can target: gender, age, household income, and presence of children.


Oracle Data Cloud works with Bizo, the industry leader in B2B audience targeting, to provide the largest set of professional consumer data aggregated across best-of-breed B2B data providers. This data set includes attributes that span occupation, role, company size, employee type, and sales volume.

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