Auto-Populate Salesforce Fields

You can auto-populate existing fields in Salesforce when creating Leads, Contacts, and Accounts from Oracle DataFox. For instance, if your Salesforce session requires you to populate fields like Source, Sector, or Tier when creating new records, you can auto-populate these fields by creating a Workflow Rule.

The walkthrough shows you how to auto-populate fields on the Account object. But the same steps can be followed for auto-populating fields on the Contact or Lead object whenever a Contact or Lead is created from Oracle DataFox.

Create Workflow Rule

  1. Navigate to Setup > Workflow Rules > New Rule.

  2. You must define to which object the Workflow Rule applies. In this case, apply the Workflow Rule to the Account object.

    Note: You can also create similar Workflow Rules for the Lead or Contact object.
  3. Give your rule a Rule Name like Tier is Tier 1. Determine the Evaluation Criteria. If you want the rule only to apply when a new record is created, you may want to select created.

    Configure Workflow Rule for Account
  4. Determine the Rule Criteria. In this case, you may want to select formula evaluates to true in the Run this rule if the list. Then, add the following formula:NOT(ISBLANK(dfox__Id__c)).

    Rule Criteria screenshot

    This formula defines how the Workflow Rule is triggered. In this case, it's triggered whenever (1) a new Salesforce Account is created AND (2) the dfox__ID__c is populated (meaning the account record is synced to Oracle DataFox).

  5. Click Save & Next to define the Workflow action.

Specify Workflow Action

To create a Workflow Action that auto-populates a field, you may want to select New Field Updates under Immediate Workflow Actions.

Edit Rule screenshot

After selecting New Field Update, you’re redirected to a new prompt for naming the field update and selecting which tab to update. You can add a Name for the update, and then select which Field to Update.

After selecting a field, you have the option to Specify New Field Value. You may want to select a specific field value. This defines which value auto-populates whenever the Workflow Rule criteria are met.

Finally, click Save to set up the Workflow Rule and associated Workflow Action.

Activate Workflow Rule

After creating the Workflow Rule, you need to click Activate the rule so that it starts running for any new records created from Oracle DataFox.

Now that the Workflow Rule has been activated, you may want to test the Workflow Rule by creating a new record from Oracle DataFox to Salesforce.