8Enrich Oracle CX Sales


Integrate your Oracle CX Sales instance with Oracle DataFox to enrich your accounts with the most accurate information of your companies. Here are some benefits of enriching your account with Oracle DataFox:

  • Grow revenue faster by identifying the right companies within Oracle DataFox to market and sell to.

  • Identify the companies to sell your product to, within your total addressable market.

  • Improve your territory management through enriched accounts. For more information on how to implement territories, see Steps to Implement Territories.

  • Set up Company Signals to get the latest information on your prospects. For more information, see Overview of Company Signals.

To integrate with Oracle CX Sales, see Integrate with Oracle CX Sales.

To get started with Oracle DataFox, see Welcome to Oracle DataFox.

Sync and Enrich Your Account

You can enrich your account either by matching a company with your account in Oracle DataFox or in Oracle CX Sales.

At the start of your engagement, Oracle Support matches all your accounts to relevant companies. If you create accounts in Oracle CX Sales after the initial matching, you must manually enrich and sync these new accounts with Oracle DataFox companies.

Before you begin, ensure your initial matching and enrichment is completed. Contact Oracle Support if you are unsure on the status of your integration.

Enrich Your Account from Oracle DataFox

Here's how you can sync and enrich an Oracle CX Sales account to a matching company.

  1. Sign in to Oracle DataFox.

  2. Click the Companies tab.

  3. Select the company that you want to sync with your account.

  4. In the Oracle CX Sales Accounts section, click Connect to Oracle CX Sales. This option is displayed if you’re connecting to Oracle CX Sales for the first time.

    Connect to Oracle CX Sales
  5. Perform one of the following actions:

    • Select Sync to an existing Oracle CX Sales Account if an account exists for the company. Enter the registry ID, which is also known as the Party Number.

      Note: You can get the Registry ID or the party number from the account view in Oracle CX Sales. If you do not see the party number in the account view, use Application Composer to configure the field. For details, see Add Objects and Fields in Application Composer.
      Sync to an existing account
    • Select Create a New Account if an account doesn’t exist for the company. Sync the company to the new account after you create it.

    Tip: If you sync your account with an incorrect company, disconnect the sync and connect it to the correct company. To disconnect, click the Options (dots) icon on the synced account and then click Disconnect.
  6. To connect multiple accounts to the same company, enter the registry ID or the party number in the Connect Another Account field, and click Sync.

    Connect Another Account field

Enrich Your Account from Oracle CX Sales

You can enrich account in your Oracle CX Sales with Oracle DataFox data without leaving the application. You can then update data on individual account records without waiting for the nightly Oracle DataFox sync jobs. Here’s how you can enrich your account from Oracle CX Sales.

  1. Ensure your administrator has enabled data enrichment from Oracle DataFox. For details, see Enable Oracle DataFox Features in CX Sales.

  2. Sign in to Oracle CX Sales.

  3. On the Edit Account page, click Actions, and then click Enrich Account.

You can now see fields with Oracle DataFox data on the Edit Account page.

Smart Talking Points in Oracle CX Sales

Engage in more productive conversations with your customers and prospects using the Smart Talking Points feature. You can find smart talking points in the Account Intelligence tab on the Account page in Oracle CX Sales. Your administrator might have also enabled the tab on the Opportunity page.

Note: Oracle recommends Account Intelligence as the tab name. However, your administrator might have used a different name.

The Account Intelligence tab shows two features.

  • Account Score

  • News Signals

Account Score

Use the Account Score section to view the account score, the tier it belongs to, and the account scoring criteria. Prioritize accounts based on a combination of the account score and the tier.

Let's look at an example screenshot that shows the account score for CrowdStrike. The account score is 380 and the account belongs to tier 1. You know immediately that CrowdStrike is one of your top-ranking accounts and you pursue it on priority. You want to know how the account got a score of 380, and you look into the account criteria. For example, you see that CrowdStrike is an Information Technology company and that category has been assigned a weight of 50 points in Oracle DataFox.

Account Score for CrowdStrike

If you want to update weights to criteria, contact your administrator. For details, see How You Use Account Scoring.

You can view the entire list of your accounts showing the account score on the Accounts page.

Account Score on the Accounts page

News Signals

Use the News Signals section to get the latest news on your account. Here’s how news signals can benefit you:

  • Limit your time on researching accounts. Get the latest account-related information directly from the news signals.

  • Engage in productive conversations with current customers and new prospects.

For details, see Overview of Company Signals.

It’s important to know that certain signal types may not show in the News Signals section based on the settings made by your administrator. For more information, see Enable Smart Talking Points in Oracle CX Sales.

Smart Talking Points in Oracle Sales Assistant

You can view signals and account score data from Oracle Sales Assistant. This screenshot shows Sales Assistant working with Microsoft Teams, and displays details of an account enriched with Oracle DataFox data.

View Smart Talking Points for the Account, Oracle on Sales Assistant

Based on the settings made by your administrator, certain signals may not show up from Oracle Sales Assistant. For details, see the Set Up Signal Alerts section in the Configure Sales Assistant topic.