13Signals and Alerts

Overview of Company Signals

Signals work like a newsfeed of key milestones of a company. You can get daily updates of significant changes to companies that matter to you, such as awards, key personnel changes, events they're attending, and growth indicators. Then you can use this information to target the right companies at the right time, enrich interaction, and send personalized messages.

You can set up alerts to receive signals. For details, see Signal Alerts.

Signal Types

This table lists different signal types, tags, and their descriptions. Use the API tags to show specific signal types when you're setting up smart talking points in Oracle CX Sales. For details on how to set up smart talking points in Oracle CX Sales, see Enable Smart Talking Points in Oracle CX Sales.

Signal Category Signal Type API Tag What Triggers This Signal
Growth Partnership or Joint Venture partnership, joint-venture Two companies partner or enter a short-term business arrangement
Sales or User Growth sales-growth, user-growth, market-share-growth The average sales or user volume for a company increases
New Geography new-geography Company moves or expands into a new location such as state or country
New Products, Initiatives, or Strategy new-product, new-initiative, new-strategy, product-launch Company unveils a new product or announces an initiative to enter a market
New Patent or Regulatory Approval new-patent, regulatory Company receives government approval for a patent, registration, or license
Office Space Expansion office-space-expansion Company opens a new office
Won a Major Customer customer-win Company announces they have landed a principal customer
Financial Earnings, Revenue, Stock Performance, or Dividends earnings, revenue, stock-performance, analyst-expectations, valuation, dividends Company releases numbers on their performance
Made an Acquisition acquisition-acquirer A company acquires another company
Debt Financing debt-financing Company receives a loan they have promised to repay
SEC and Regulatory Filings form-5500, form-10k, form-d Company files required legal paperwork
Invested in a Company investment A company invests in another company
IPO or Public Offering ipo-trading, ipo-s1, ipo-speculation A company invests in IPO or file to IPO
Merger, Restructuring, or Ownership Change merger, restructuring, ownership-change Company undergoes financial restructuring
Received Private Funding private-funding Company raises money in exchange for equity
Was Acquired acquisition-acquiree A company is acquired
People Executive Quote or Publication executive-quote, executive-publication Company’s executive has given a quote or has published an article
Headcount Growth headcount-growth Company reports headcount growth
Job Postings (this would be quite noisy) job-posting Company posts new available positions
Leadership Change leadership-change Company undergoes management restructuring
Awards & Recognitions Award Received award Company receives an award
Included in Industry News industry-news Company is mentioned positively by an industry analyst
Included in Industry Lists (INC 5,000) industry-list Company is added to an industry-specific list
Events & Marketing Accelerator or Incubator Participation accelerator-participation, marketing-activity, Company participates in a program to make them grow faster
Exhibitor or Presenter at an Event conference-exhibitor, conference-presenter, Company exhibits or presents at an event
Conference or Event Sponsorship conference-sponsorship Company sponsors a conference or an event
Conference or Event Attendee conference-attendee Company attends a conference or an event
Marketing Activity marketing-activity Company launches fresh marketing efforts or tactics
Video Presentation, Podcast, or Demo video-presentation, podcast Company plans a demo of their product capabilities
Corporate Updates Purchased or Became a Customer corporate-purchase Company purchases a product or subscribes to a service
Outsourcing outsourcing Company subcontracts to other companies or contractors
Real Estate Sale or Relocation real-estate-sale, relocation Company sells their office or moves to a new location
Reorganization or Name Change reorganization, name-change Company alters the corporate structure or changes their name
Negative News Bankruptcy bankruptcy Company files for bankruptcy
Industry or Competitive industry-challenge, competitive-challenge Company’s competitors gain a unique advantage or the market downturns
Customer Dissatisfaction customer-dissatisfaction Company’s customers voice their dissatisfaction online
Financial Challenges financial-challenge Company reports signs of financial instability
Executive or Key Person Departure key-departure Company loses or fires an executive
Layoffs layoff Company terminates several employee contracts
Legal Issues legal-issue Company has experienced legal difficulties
Regulatory Issues regulatory-issue Company encounters problems with governing law
Security Challenges security-challenge Company reports or is tied to security vulnerabilities
Turbulence turbulence Company exhibits signs of irregular or ailing behavior

Signal Alerts

You can configure alerts to receive company signals from Oracle DataFox in your inbox or on Slack.

With alerts, you can act on time-sensitive information and reach out to your valuable prospects. Let's look at an example. You're a sales rep and in the daily email digest that you receive, you learn about an acquisition made by your top prospect. You use this information along with other account intelligence to draft a timely and relevant email to your prospect's Sales VP. By monitoring a feed of your top prospects, you can have insider knowledge for ways to reach out to them.

Set Up Alerts for Company Signals

To set up alerts on company signals and edit the news alerts you receive from companies, you must use a static or a dynamic list.

It’s simple to manage signal alerts on a list or a dynamic list. You can set up alerts in the Signal Alert Preferences dialog box from the Lists page, from a specific list, or from the Manage Alerts page.

  1. Open the Signal Alert Preferences dialog box in one of these ways:
    1. On the Lists page, click the Get Alerts icon in the Actions column.

    2. After you open a list, click the Get Alerts icon.

    3. From the user menu, click Alerts. On the Manage Alerts page, click the Check Mark icon against a list from the Static Lists or Dynamic Lists tab.

  2. In the Signal Alert Preferences dialog box, in the Send Alerts Via list, select how you want to receive your alerts. If you want to receive alerts on Slack, see Integrate Slack with Oracle DataFox.

  3. Select the types of alerts you want to receive and click Save Alert Preferences.

Now you start receiving the alerts you selected for the companies in your list. When a new company is added to an existing list, you will start receiving alerts for that company automatically.

Note: You can set up email or slack alerts on your lists and receive one email for multiple lists and instant slack messages.

To stop receiving alerts, click the Get Alerts icon and select Delete This Alert.

Filter Signal Types on Your List

You can filter signal types for the companies on your list to see the news signals you’re interested in. For example, here’s how you can see news signals for the companies in your list that have announced sales or user growth.

  1. On the Lists page, select a static list.

  2. Click the Signals tab.

  3. Click Add a Filter.

  4. Click Turn All Signals Filters Off to turn off any existing signals.

  5. Select Growth > Sales or User Growth.

  6. Click Apply.

    For a dynamic list, click the Get Alerts icon on the Lists page to set filter preferences for the companies in your list.