17Static and Dynamic Lists


You can use static lists to add or delete selected companies. You can use a dynamic list to set criteria for companies to be automatically added into the dynamic list. A dynamic list is a saved search created by the user. You can create static and dynamic lists to keep track of companies. It’s simple to create a list. Sign in to Oracle DataFox and click Lists.

Here’s what you can do with lists:

  • You can set up alerts and bookmark your list to keep it handy. For more information on setting up alerts, see Signal Alerts.

  • Create account scoring criteria from the static or dynamic lists. For more information, see How You Use Account Scoring.

This table shows the different tabs for a list and how you can use them.

Tab Description
  • View all the companies in the list.

  • Add and remove companies from a static list.

  • Salesforce users only: Select companies from a list and sync to Salesforce. For details, see Sync a List Name into Salesforce.

  • Get a high-level insight of the common characteristics of the companies on the list. For details, see Overview of Advanced Insights.

  • Use filters and search for more companies. You can either create a new list with the companies or add to the existing list.


This page is available only for static lists.

View signals for all the companies in the list.

Similar Companies

This page is available only for static lists.

View companies that are similar to the companies in your list.

Conferences View conferences that companies from the list attend.

Create a Static List

You can manually add or remove companies in your static list. These lists don’t update automatically. Here's how you can add companies to a list from the Company Search, Company Overview, and Public Curated Lists pages.

  1. Select the companies you want to add to your list.

  2. Click Add to List.

  3. Enter a list name.

  4. Click Create List to add the companies to a new list. You can also add the companies to an existing list by entering your preferred list name.

Note: Oracle DataFox shows the company's current data. However, a list in a third-party website may show the data when the list was compiled. For example, if you sort a list by revenue and compare the revenue with a list in a third-party website, you may notice discrepancies.
You can remove companies that you no longer need in your static list. Select the companies that you want to remove from your list and click Remove.

Create a Dynamic List

You can set criteria to add companies to your dynamic list. When a company matches your criteria, the company is automatically added to your list.

  1. On the company search page, add filters to get a list of prospect companies. To know more about using filters, see How You Prospect by Territory or Sourcing Criteria using Filters.

  2. Click Create Dynamic List button.

  3. Enter a name and click Create Dynamic List.

Delete a List

It’s very simple to delete a list. From the Lists page, click the More Options icon, and select Remove.

Share Lists to Collaborate with Your Team

  1. Navigate to the My Lists tab on the Lists page.

  2. Click the list you want to share.

  3. Click the More Options icon and select Manage Sharing.

  4. In the List Sharing Settings dialog box, enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the list with.

    Note: You could also click Share With Everyone to share the list with your entire team. However, it’s recommended you do that only if you have a small team.
  5. Click Send Invitations.

Your team can now view your list and create a copy of the list to make any changes.

To create a copy, click the More Options icon and select Copy list for a static list or Save changes as new Dynamic list.

Search LinkedIn Contacts From An Oracle DataFox List

You can use the LinkedIn integration to find contacts across all the companies in a list. For example, you can search for people with the title CFO in your LinkedIn connections across the companies in the list.

Filter Companies and Create a List

  1. Click the Companies tab.

  2. Click Add a Filter.

  3. Apply the relevant filters until you have a list of target companies that match your criteria.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Create a static or dynamic list. For details, see the Overview topic.

Find Contacts

  1. Click the Lists tab and open your list.

  2. Click the More Options icon and select Find Contacts.

  3. In the Find Contacts on LinkedIn dialog box, enter a title to search for connections with that title. Alternatively, use the options under Seniority, if you’re a LinkedIn Premium member.

  4. Click Search My Connections, Search Sales Navigator, or Search Recruiter, depending on your LinkedIn account type.

    You’re redirected to the LinkedIn sign in page.

  5. Sign in to LinkedIn to view contacts based on your search criteria.

You can now connect with your filtered LinkedIn contacts.