Set Up Field Mappings

Here's how you can set up field mappings to enrich your supplier profiles with DataFox firmographics and intelligence data.

  1. Sign in to Oracle DataFox.

  2. Click your user name, and then click Settings.

  3. Under Integrations, click Oracle Procurement Cloud.

  4. On the DataFox for Oracle Procurement Cloud page, click the Field Mappings tab.

  5. Map the DataFox fields to the corresponding Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement fields.

    While you’re mapping fields, keep these points in mind:

    • You can map DataFox fields to existing or to new Procurement fields added with the Manage Supplier Risk with DataFox Intelligence feature. In the Procurement application, you can see these new fields in the Additional DataFox Attributes section on the Supplier Profile page.

      Note: The Additional DataFox Attributes section is hidden by default. Use Page Composer to make the section visible.
    • When you create a supplier in Procurement and enrich it with DataFox data, the additional DataFox data is displayed in the Additional DataFox Attributes section on the Supplier Profile page and not on the Registration page.

    • If you want DataFox to overwrite existing field data, in the Overwrite Existing Data column, select Yes. If you want to retain the existing values, select No. If you select No, DataFox only updates the fields that don't have a value.

  6. Click Save.

Note: If you change any field mappings after you set them up, you need to raise a service request to enrich supplier profiles with the updated field mappings. While creating the service request, select these values:
  • Product: 2541 - Oracle Fusion Supplier Model

  • Component: Manage Supplier

  • Subcomponent: Supplier Profile Admin

Field Mappings

Here's the full list of standard Oracle DataFox fields available for enrichment.
Oracle DataFox Field Field Type Maximum Width Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement Field Description and Example Output
DataFox ID String 80 DataFox ID The DataFox ID whose data enriches into this supplier.

Example Output: 5130efc98989846a3600107a

Name String NA Supplier, Alternate Name, Alias, Company Name The DataFox name for this company.

Example Output: Oracle

Legal Name String 300 Supplier, Alternate Name, Alias, Legal Name The legal name of the company. DataFox doesn’t always have data for this attribute.

Example Output: Oracle

URL Long Text 2000 Corporate Web Site, Company Primary URL The company’s website.

Example Output:

EIN String 20 EIN, Taxpayer ID The unique identifier for IRS (US only).

Example Output: 42723701

Country String 2 Tax Country, Country The country where the company operates.

Example Output: US

Revenue Estimate Number NA Current Fiscal Year's Potential Revenue An estimate of the company’s annual revenue.

Example Output: 2837845000

Year Founded Integer NA Year Established The year of establishment of the company.

Example Output: 1981

NAICS Code String 300 NAICS Code, SIC The NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code.

Example Output: 722511

Industry Category Code String 300 Industry Category Code The industry code that represents the category.

Example Output: ORA_DF_INDUSTRY_028

Industry Subcategory Code String 300 Industry Subcategory Code The subindustry category of the company.

Example Output: ORA_DF_INDUSTRY_211

Score Number NA Supplier Score, DataFox Intelligence Score The numeric value that indicates the score for a supplier profile.

To view this field in the Procurement application, your users need to have the Supplier Intelligence role assigned.

Example Output: 250

Last Synced Date Score NA Last Synced Date The most recent date when this supplier profile was last enriched.

Example Output: 2019-08-20T18:04:02.461Z