Archiving and Unarchiving Dimensions

You can archive a dimension when you no longer need it. For example, if you want to change the viewpoint bound to a dimension, you may want to archive the original dimension so that you have its history. You can also return an archived dimension to Active status.


  • You must be a Service Administrator or have Owner permission on the application or dimension to change a dimension's status.

  • You cannot archive a dimension if there are In Flight requests for that dimension. All requests must be completed for a dimension before it can be archived.

  • When you archive a dimension:

    • The dimension, binding, and associated data chain objects are set to Archived.
    • By default, the dimension is not listed on the Dimensions tab in the Application inspector. To display archived dimensions, click filter, and select Show Archived.
    • The dimension is not displayed in application registration.
    • The dimension is not displayed in the Import, Export, or Extract screens for the application.
  • When you return an archived dimension to Active status, all of the dimension's data chain objects and the binding are restored to the status that they had before the dimension was archived.

For more information, see Working with Data Objects and the Data Chain.

To archive or unarchive a dimension:

  1. Inspect the dimension. See Inspecting Dimensions.
  2. On the General tab, click Edit.
  3. In the Status field, select Archived to archive a dimension. Select Active to unarchive a dimension.


You can also archive or unarchive a dimension by modifying the application registration and adding or removing that dimension. See Understanding Modifying Applications.