Downloading Multiple Requests to a File

From the Request Activity page, you can download multiple requests to a single file.


  • The requests must be in the same view.
  • The user performing the download must have at least view access to all of the requests that are being downloaded.

To download requests to a file:

  1. On the Request Activity page select the check box next to the requests that you want to download.
  2. Click Download Download icon and then select Download Selected Request Details.


    The requests must be in the same view in order to be downloaded to a file.

The requests are downloaded to an Excel file. Each viewpoint in the requests is displayed on a separate tab, and on each tab the request actions are grouped by request in order by request number. The Excel file has a maximum of 12,000 request items.


Click the linked request number in the worksheet to view the request in the request inspector.