7 Working with Request Activity

You can browse requests in the Request Activity list.

In the Request Activity list, you can quickly see information about a request including the associated view, number of items in the request, and age of the request.

You can filter the request list by:

  • Request ID: Enter a request ID.

  • View: All views or select a specific view

  • Request Type

    • All: All interactive and subscription requests

    • Interactive: Requests created manually by users.

    • Subscription: Requests generated from a subscription.

    • Import: Requests generated from an import.

  • Status

    • All: Requests of all status types

    • Draft: Draft requests that you created. You cannot see or modify draft requests that you did not create.

    • In Flight: Requests submitted and awaiting approval

    • Pushed Back: Requests modify and resubmit

    • Completed: Requests that have been committed and can no longer be edited.

    • Rejected: Requests that were rejected and closed.

    • Blocked: Requests that are currently being held pending the end of an application blockout period.

  • Stage

    • All: Requests that are in the Submit, Approve, and Closed stages

    • Submit: Requests that have not been submitted (Draft status)

    • Approve: Requests that have been submitted and have not yet been approved (In Flight status)

    • Closed: Requests that have been approved and committed or requests that have been rejected (Completed status)

    • Commit: Requests that have been approved and have not yet been committed (In Flight status)

  • Owner: Specify a request owner (either the submitter or assignee) to display only the requests owned by that user. Select All to view requests owned by all users.

  • My Activity

    • All: All requests that you submitted, managed, were assigned to, were invited to, or participated in.

    • Assigned: Requests assigned to you

    • Collaborated: Requests for you to collaborate on

    • Submitted: Requests you've submitted

    • Invited: Requests that you have been invited to approve or commit

    • Contributed: Requests that you've made changes to (changed data, performed a workflow action, or edited a comment or an attachment)

    • Managed: Requests containing data objects for which you have Data Manager permission or higher

  • Time Frame: Select a period of time, such as Last 90 Days, or enter a date range.

You can:

  • Inspect a request at any stage to display the request item details of the proposed or the completed changes. You cannot edit anything in the request when you are inspecting it.

    To inspect a request, in the Actions column for the request, click ellipsis button, and then click Inspect.

  • Open open a draft, in flight, and pushed back requests to make additional changes, correct validation issues, and submit the request.

    To open a request, click the request that you want to work with, or in the Actions column click ellipsis button, and then click Open.

    The request and the associated view open.

  • Delete a draft or pushed back request if you no longer need it.

    To delete a request, in the Actions column for the draft request, click ellipsis button, and then click Delete.