Requests and Application Blockout Periods

An application owner may set up a blockout period on an application during which requests are held and not applied to the active view until the blockout period is over.

During the application blockout period, you can continue to submit, approve, enrich, and commit requests. After the request is submitted (and all of the approve and commit policies are fulfilled, if applicable), the request enters a Blocked state and is held until the blockout period is over.

Viewpoints for dimensions in applications that are currently in a blockout period for you are indicated by a blockout icon icon. Any requests that you submit for a viewpoint with the blockout icon will be blocked until the blockout period ends. If you hover over the name of the viewpoint in a view, the blockout period start and end dates are displayed. Current blockout periods are indicated by a yellow blockout icon, and upcoming blockout periods are indicated by a green blockout icon.

screenshot shows blockout period for Entity viewpoint in Corporate Planning application


Depending on how the blockout is configured, application owners and data managers may not be affected by the blockout period. The blockout icon is not displayed if the blockout does not affect you. For more information, see Understanding Application Blockout Periods.

For requests that contain request items from different applications, if any application in the request is currently in a blockout period the entire request is blocked. All changes from all request items are applied after the blockout period has ended for all associated applications.