Downloading a Request to a File

You can download draft or completed requests to a file, and then review or modify the file in Microsoft Excel. For example, for draft requests you can download a request, modify it to add additional items or update existing items, and then load it back into the same view. For completed requests, you can download the request and then load the file into a request in a different view to apply the same changes to that view.

The file format for the request download uses the same format as the request load file. See Request Load File Format.


  • A separate worksheet is created for each viewpoint that contains an action in the request.


    When you download a request to a file, the viewpoint name must be 30 or fewer characters or a label must be set up. See Inspecting a Viewpoint for information on using a label.

  • A download file can contain multiple rows for the same request item or node.

  • An item or node can appear in multiple worksheets if there were actions performed in multiple viewpoints for that item.

  • If you have validated the request, any validation errors in the request are listed in the download file.

To download a request:

  1. Perform an action:

    • From Requests, click select next to the request to download, and then select Download to File.

    • Inspect a request, click Details, click select, and then select Download to File.

    • From an open view, open the Requests panel, click select next to the request name, and then select Download to File.

  2. Click Open to display the request in Excel, or click Save File and select a location to save the request to your local machine.


    By default, the file is saved with the request name. You can rename the file when you save it.

To upload the saved request file, see Making Changes Using a Load File.