10 Making Changes Using Requests

Before you can make changes to a view, you must create a request. Each change that you make to a view is associated with an item in the request.


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Learn about making changes using requests.

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Creating Requests

To create a request:

  1. Open a view.

  2. Click New Request. The Requests pane opens.

  3. Change the title of the request by clicking the default name "Request nnnn" and entering a new name.

  4. Change the description of the request by clicking in the description and entering a new description.

    request description field

Working with the Requests Pane

From an open view, click Requests request button (or request button, depending on your theme) to open the Requests pane.

requests pane

From the Requests pane, use these navigation tools:

  • new request button to add a new request.

  • refresh button to refresh the list of displayed requests. This is helpful when users are working on a request at the same time. For more information, see Concurrent Editing of a Request.
  • Active View to return to the active view after viewing request information.

  • request pane show item to open a request. When you're done viewing the request item details, click return to request pane to go back to the Requests pane.

  • request action menu to display the action menu from which you can inspect or delete the request.