Inspecting Applications

After you register an application you can inspect it and edit settings.

From Applications, scroll to your application, clickellipsis button, click Inspect, and then select from the options on these tabs:

  • General—Click Edit to change the name, description, and status for the application. You can also enable or view the status (active or expired) of an application blockout period. See Configuring Application Blockout Periods.


    If an application is in Draft status, you cannot make changes to the status in the inspector. After you register the application, the status will change from Draft to Active.

  • Dimensions—Click a dimension, then change bindings or mapping keys, see Inspecting Dimensions.


    By default, archived dimensions are not displayed. To display archived dimensions, click display archived views button, and then select Show Archived. You can select this option again to display active dimensions only.
  • Connection—Edit the external application connection settings. Whether you make changes or not, you can test the connection to determine if it is correctly configured. See Registering Planning Applications


    The Connection tab is available only if your application type supports connections and you have Data Manager or Application Owner permission.

  • Registration —View the registration settings.


    To edit the registration settings: from Applications, scroll to your application, clickellipsis button, and then click Modify.
  • Permissions —Change the application security permissions, see Assigning Application Permissions.
  • Policies—Configure an approval policy for the application, see Configuring Policies.