20 Working with Roles and Permissions

Security ensures that each user has the right access to functions and data.

There are two levels of security:

  1. In Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management, users are created and assigned predefined roles.
  2. In Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud, users and groups are assigned application roles and permissions. After a user has access to a viewpoint, the viewpoint data security controls the allowed actions on nodes and properties.

The first level of security is managed in Oracle Cloud EPM through My Services when your Identity Domain Administrator creates users. Each user is assigned a predefined role.

There are two Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud predefined roles:

  • User

    A user with the User predefined role can log into Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud and can be assigned roles and permissions to view and manage application data.

  • Service Administrator

    A user with the Service Administrator predefined role can perform most functional activities and can access views, applications, and data including:

    However, Service Administrators cannot be assigned to a request or a request subscription unless they have Participant(Write) permission on the data objects in that request.