Managing Groups

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud uses an internal repository to support role assignments at the application-level and to store information on the groups that you use during the role assignment process.

EPM Cloud users and other groups can be members of groups maintained using Access Control. Users can be granted application roles by assigning a role to the group. At any given time, a user can be a member of maximum 1,000 groups either directly or indirectly.

To enable you to view user assignments, Access Control lists the predefined roles as groups. You cannot modify or assign roles to them from Access Control. Additionally, EPM Cloud users, who are assigned to predefined roles, are listed in Access Control so that they can be added as group members. See Understanding Predefined Roles in Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud for Administrators .

In Manage Groups, the groups are by default sorted by Group Name values. To search for a specific group, see Using Search for instructions.

You can manage the groups by:


You cannot use Access Control to import group information from a file to create groups. Similarly you cannot export group information using Access Control. You may use Migration or the createGroups EPM Automate command to import groups.