Creating Groups

Only Service Administrators can create and manage groups. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud users and other groups can be members of a group.


You may also use Migration or the createGroups EPM Automate command to import group information from a file to create groups.

To create groups:

  1. Open Access Control. See Opening Access Control.
  2. In Manage Groups, click Create.
  3. In Create Group, complete these steps:
    1. In Name, enter a unique group name (maximum 256 characters). Group names are not case-sensitive.
      EPM Cloud does not allow you to create groups with names identical to predefined role names (Service Administrator, Power User, User or Planner, and Viewer).
    2. Optional: Enter a group description.
  4. Optional: Add groups to create a nested group.
    1. In Available Groups, search for groups. See Using Search for instructions on using the Search feature.
      Groups that match the search criterion are listed under Available Groups.
    2. From Available Groups, select the member groups for the new group.
    3. Click Move.
      The selected groups are listed under Assigned Groups. To remove assigned groups, from Assigned Groups, select the group to remove, and then click Remove.
  5. Optional: Add EPM Cloud users as members of the group. Only users who are assigned to a predefined role can be added as group members.
    1. Click Users.
    2. In Available Users, search for users. See Using Search for instructions.
    3. From Available Users, select the users to add to the group.
    4. Click Move.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click OK.