Filtering by Actions

By default, when you subscribe to a source viewpoint a subscription request item for the target viewpoint is generated for each action taken in the source. Action filters enable you to subscribe to only a subset of actions in the source viewpoint. For example, you can subscribe only to Add and Insert actions, or only to property updates. When users perform actions in the source viewpoint, only the actions that you specify will generate a target subscription request item.


  • You can add action filters for subscriptions in both hierarchy and list viewpoints.

  • If you clear the All check box but you do not specify a subset of actions for the action filter, source requests that contain property updates will still generate request items for those property updates in the target viewpoint.

  • Similarly, if a source request item contains an action that you have not included in your filter as well as a property update, a request item just for the property update is generated for the target viewpoint. For example, if your filter does not include a Move action and a source request item contains both a Move and a property update, a request item for the target viewpoint is created for the property update only.

    The specific property updates are handled by the node type converter between the source and target viewpoints. See Working with Node Type Converters.


If your filter contains Insert but not Add, or Remove but not Delete, Adds and Deletes in the source are converted to Inserts and Removes in the target when the subscription request items are processed.

To add an action filter:

  1. From Views, open the view that contains the target viewpoint.

  2. Select the target viewpoint.

  3. Place your cursor to the right of the viewpoint name, click menu icon, and then select Inspect.

  4. Select Subscriptions, and then click the name of the subscription that you want to add an action filter to.

  5. In the Subscription Inspector, select the Filters tab, and then click Edit.

  6. In Included Actions, clear the All check box.

  7. Click in Included Actions to display a drop down menu of actions that are available in the source viewpoint, and then select an Action to add.

  8. When you are finished selecting actions, click Save.

To remove an action from the action filter, click Edit, and then click the X next to the action that you want to remove.