Viewpoint Load File Format

Viewpoint loads accept comma separated (CSV) and Excel files, as well as ZIP files containing CSV and Excel files. This topic describes the requirements for those files.


  • All viewpoint load files must contain a header record with at least these required fields:
    • Hierarchy viewpoints: Name (or Node), Parent, Node Type, Parent Node Type
    • List viewpoints: Name (or Node), Node Type
  • Column headers in the load file are matched against the property name, the full property name (with the namespace), and the viewpoint property label. For example, a column with the heading "Account Type" will match against either Account Type or PLN.Account Type.


    If a column header matches on more than one property (for example, from different namespaces), an error is displayed instructing you to use fully qualified property names or viewpoint labels.
  • Ensure that your load file contains the full set of data for the viewpoint being loaded.
  • Only properties that are included in the header are added or updated. Existing properties in the viewpoint that are not included in the load file are ignored.
  • For Excel files, the worksheet name must match the viewpoint name that you are loading into, and the first row must be the header record.
  • For ZIP files, the files must be in Excel or CSV format.
    • If there is only one file in the ZIP, it will be loaded into the viewpoint regardless of the file name.
    • If there are multiple files in the ZIP:
      • If only one file ends with a viewpoint name, it is loaded into the viewpoint.
      • If multiple files end with the same viewpoint name, none of the files are loaded and an error is displayed.
  • Load files should be encoded in UTF-8.


    To preserve Unicode characters, save your load file with the following option in Excel: CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv).
  • Use the <clear> keyword to clear existing values from a property.
  • Use the <blank> keyword to set a defined value of blank for a property.
  • Empty cells in the file are ignored.