Creating Replay Files

A replay file is a CSV file that lists the credentials (user name and password) and the name of the HAR files that are to be run to load the system using the replay EPM Automate command.

Ensure that the user name and password that you specify has the rights to run the activities included in the HAR file.

On executing the replay command, EPM Automate runs each row in the replay file in parallel to exert load on the service. For example, if your replay file contains 10 rows, EPM Automate replays 10 sessions so that you can perform tests to verify that user experience is acceptable when the service is under specified load. Each activity included in the HAR file is run serially.

See EPM Automate Commands for information on running the replay command.

To create a replay file:

  1. Open Microsoft Office Excel and start a new worksheet.
  2. Enter a user name, password, and the location of a HAR file in Columns A, B, and C respectively of row 1.
    Repeat this step to create additional rows.


    You must specify the absolute path to the location of the HAR file. Use slash (/) as directory separator in file paths; do not use back slashes (\).
  3. Save the file
  4. In Save As, complete these steps:
    1. Select the directory where you want to store the replay file.
    2. In File Name, specify a name, and in Save as type, select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv).
    3. Click Save.
      A sample replay file may be as follows:
      Sample replay file