Generates predictions of future performance based on an existing Auto Predict definition in Planning or Planning Modules.

This command initiates a job that uses the historical data for each member identified in the Auto Predict definition specified in the application. For detailed information on the applications that use the Auto Predict feature, and setting up predictions, see Setting Up Predictions to Run Automatically with Auto Predict in Administering Planning.

Applies to

Planning, Planning Modules, if Hybrid Oracle Essbase cubes are enabled in the application.

Required Roles

Service Administrator


epmautomate autoPredict PREDICTION_DEFINITION [forceRun=true|false] [paginatedDim=DIMENSION_NAME] where:

  • PREDICTION_DEFINITION is the name of an auto prediction definition available in the application.
  • forceRun, optionally, specifies whether to run the prediction if the underlying definition has not changed after the initial run. Default is false

    Set the value of this parameter to true to run the Auto Predict job even if there is no change in the job definition. Use the default (false) to run the prediction once, at the very first time the job is executed.

  • paginatedDim, optionally, specifies a dimension that is to be used to speed up the Auto Predict job by running predictions in parallel, in separate threads. For these parallel threads to be efficient, specify a dimension that will result in evenly spread data for each prediction thread.


epmautomate autoPredict ASOtoBSO forceRun=true paginatedDim=Entity