Initiates the aggregation process, optionally using query tracking statistics, to improve the performance of ASO cubes. This is an important step in optimizing ASO cubes.

Before running this command:

  • Use the enableQueryTracking command to capture data retrieval statistics to optimize ASO aggregation.
  • Allow sufficient time for the business process to capture user data retrieval patterns (queries) that can be used to create aggregate views.

Applies to

Planning, Planning Modules, FreeForm, Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management, Strategic Workforce Planning, and Sales Planning.

Required Roles

Service Administrator


epmautomate executeAggregationProcess ASO_CUBE_NAME [useQueryData=true|false] [includeAlternateRollups=disable|enable] [growthSizeRatio=VALUE], where:

  • useQueryData to use recorded query data, collected using query tracking, to select the most appropriate set of aggregate views. Default is false.
  • includeAlternateRollups to include secondary hierarchies (with default level usage) in the view selection process. Default is disable.
  • growthSizeRatio, optionally, is the ratio for maximum cube growth to aggregate the views the server selects. The cube growth will be stopped when the maximum growth reaches the ratio that you specify. Default setting allows the cube to grow without any growth ratio limit.


To create default aggregate views, run this command without specifying optional parameters.


  • Create aggregate view based on query data captured using the enableQueryTracking command:

    epmautomate executeAggregationProcess VISION_ASO useQueryData=true includeAlternateRollups=enable

  • Create default aggregate view:

    epmautomate executeAggregationProcess Vis1ASO