Creates the Essbase Block Analysis report that helps you analyze Oracle Essbase data to support the tuning of Block Storage Option (BSO) cubes (generally, used for calculations) in your application.

The Essbase Block Analysis report is helpful to resolve performance issues resulting from patterns of data, for example, repeated numbers in Essbase BSO cubes. The report provides information on these three areas:

  1. Percentage of blocks with only Zero, which shows the blocks that contain only zeros as a percentage of all the blocks contained in the export file
  2. Top 10 Repeated Numerical Cell Values By Percentage of Numerical Cells This table shows the top 10 repeated values as a percentage of all the values in the export file.
  3. Top 100 Dense Member Combinations with Repeated Values This table shows the top 100 dense combinations with repeated values in the cube. The Cell Value column shows a value for each member, in the order it appears in the hierarchy, as a different column. For example, if Period is across the column, there will be a different column for January, February, and so on. Other dense dimension(s) appear in the rows. This should help you identify the locations of the repeated values.

Before running this report, use the exportEssbaseData command to export the data from the cube for which you want to create the Block Analysis report to a zip file. You may export level0 or all data as needed. Run this command to create the Block Analysis report for this zip file. The report is created in the outbox; you can use the downloadFile command to download it to a local computer or the sendMail command to email it.

Applies to

Financial Consolidation and Close, Planning, Planning Modules, FreeForm, Strategic Workforce Planning, Sales Planning, and Tax Reporting.

Required Roles

Service Administrator


epmautomate essbaseBlockAnalysisReport REPORT_FILE, where
  • is the name of the zip file that contains the Essbase data that was previously exported from of a BSO cube using the exportEssbaseData command.
  • REPORT_FILE is the name for the HTML formatted Block Analysis report file.


epmautomate essbaseBlockAnalysisReport block_report.html