Sends an email, with the option to attach files from Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

You can incorporate this command into scrips to notify users of various conditions or to send reports.

Applies to

Planning, Planning Modules, FreeForm, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting, Account Reconciliation, Profitability and Cost Management,Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management, Narrative Reporting, Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud, Sales Planning, and Strategic Workforce Planning.

Required Roles

Service Administrator


epmautomate sendMail ToAddress Subject [Body="MessageBody"] [Attachments=FILE1,FILE2] where:
  • ToAddress identifies semicolon separated email addresses of recipients enclosed in double quotes. Example, ";".
  • Subject identifies the email subject.
  • Body="MessageBody", optionally, is the email content. If not specified, there is no body to the email.


    Use valid HTML tags to format the message body to create a desired email format. The entire message body (including all HTML tags) must be specified as one line and should not contain new line charracters. See Examples.
  • Attachments, optionally, identifies a comma separated list of files available in EPM Cloud to be attached to the email. For example, outbox/errorFile.txt,inbox/users.csv.


    • Use * (asterisk) as the wildcard for one character in the file name. For example, specify outbox/user*.csv to attach all files in the outbox with five letter file names that fit the pattern.
    • You can attach any file, other than snapshots, listed by the listFiles command, as an email attachment. The size of the attachment must not exceed 10 MB.


  • Unformatted Email: epmautomate sendMail ";" "Data Load Process Failed" Body="Data Load 1 Failed" Attachments=outbox/Errorfile.txt,outbox/Errofile2.txt
  • Formatted Email: epmautomate sendMail "Send Formatted Email" "Body=<!DOCTYPE html><html><body><h1>EpmAutomate Email Formatting</h1><p>Hi,</p><p>Test Allocation Rules, Volume, and SPT data were loaded into FY22_Feb_Actual_Version POV.</p><p>Check the attachment for details.</p></body></html>" Attachments=outbox/loadResults.txt