Generates relational reports that display data from Task Manager.

Task Manager reports are grouped as Non-Consolidation Reports in Financial Consolidation and Close and Tax Reporting.

See "List of Predefined Reports and Parameters" section in Generate Report for Financial Consolidation and Close and Tax Reporting in REST API for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud for a list of reports you can generate and the parameters for generating them.

Applies to

Financial Consolidation and Close, and Tax Reporting.

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User, User, Viewer


epmautomate runTaskManagerReport FILE_NAME GROUP_NAME REPORT_NAME REPORT_FORMAT [Param=value] where:
  • FILE_NAME is a unique file name for the report.
  • GROUP_NAME is the name of the group with which the report is associated.
  • REPORT_NAME is a unique name for the report to be generated.
  • REPORT_FORMAT is one of the following formats for the report:
    • PDF
    • HTML (not supported for graphs and charts)
    • XLSX (not supported for graphs)
    • CSV
    • CSV2


    REPORT_FORMAT CSV does not permit the formatting of data based on a template while CSV2 does. Generating CSV2 formatted report takes more time compared to CSV output.
  • Param=value, optionally identifies the required parameters for generating the report. For example, to generate the Early Tasks report, which takes a schedule name with the value monthly and a period with the value Jan, specify "schedule name"=monthly period=Jan.


epmautomate runTaskManagerReport Example_File_name Group1 "Early Tasks" PDF "schedule name"=monthly period=Jan