Clones job console records using a ZIP file containing job console records exported from an environment.

Importing job console records using this command is a one-time task that should be performed after running the recreate command. If you already used this command to import job console records, subsequent invocations of the command will fail until you recreate the environment.

Use the exportJobConsole command (epmAutomate exportJobConsole nDays=All jobTypes=All jobStatusCode=All) to create the ZIP file that is used as the input for this command.

Applies to

Planning, Planning Modules, FreeForm, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting, Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management, Strategic Workforce Planning, and Sales Planning.

Required Roles

Service Administrator


epmautomate importJobConsole [logFileName=jobConsoleLog] where:
  • FILE_NAME is the name of the ZIP file that contains the job console records that you want to import. You use the uploadFile command to upload this file to the environment.
  • logFileName, optionally, identifies jobConsoleLog as the log file in which errors encountered during the import will be recorded. If this value is not specified, the command generates an error file which is named using this convention: You can download this file using the downloadFile command.


epmautomate importJobConsole jobConsoleLog