Uploads a file from the local computer to the service. Use this command to upload files containing data, metadata, rule definitions, dimension definitions, mapped transactions, templates, and backup snapshots.

This command does not overwrite existing files in the environment. EPM Automate displays an error if the name of the file being uploaded is identical to that of a file in the upload location.

Applies to

Planning, Planning Modules, FreeForm, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting, Account Reconciliation, Profitability and Cost Management, Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management, Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud, Narrative Reporting, Sales Planning, and Strategic Workforce Planning.

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User assigned to the Migration Administrator application role


epmautomate uploadFile "FILE_NAME" [UPLOAD_LOCATION] where:
  • FILE_NAME is the name of the file, including absolute path if the file is not in the directory from which you are running EPM Automate.
  • UPLOAD_LOCATION is, optionally, the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud location to which you want to upload the file. Do not specify an upload location if you want to upload files to the default upload location. For detailed information, see Default File Locations. Supported values include:
    • inbox to upload files into the inbox. Excepting Profitability and Cost Management, EPM Cloud business processes look in this location for files to process.
    • profitinbox to upload files to be processed by Profitability and Cost Management.
    • to_be_imported to upload a Narrative Reporting snapshot that is to be imported during the next daily maintenance of the environment.
    • inbox/directory_name to upload files to a directory within the inbox for processing by Data Management.
    • outbox to upload files to the outbox used by business processes other than Profitability and Cost Management.
    • profitoutbox to upload files to the outbox used by Profitability and Cost Management.


  • Upload a snapshot into the default location:

    epmautomate uploadFile "C:/snapshots/backup_snapshot.zip"

  • Upload a file into the Data Management inbox:

    epmautomate uploadFile "C:/pbcsdata/quarterlydata.csv" inbox

  • Upload a file into a folder in the inbox (for Data Management):

    epmautomate uploadFile "C:/fdmee_data/data.zip" inbox/dm_folder

  • Upload a file into the profitinbox (Profitability and Cost Management):

    epmautomate uploadFile "C:/profitability_data/data.zip" profitinbox

  • Upload Narrative Reporting snapshot from C:\temp directory into the to_be_imported location:

    epmautomate uploadFile "C:\temp\EPRCS_Backup.tar.gz" to_be_imported