Imports pre-mapped transactions from a CSV file in the Account Reconciliation repository.

Applies to

Account Reconciliation

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User, User, Viewer

Users with Power User, User, and Viewer predefined roles may require additional application roles.


epmautomate importPreMappedTransactions PERIOD TRANSACTION_TYPE FILE_NAME DATE_FORMAT where:
  • PERIOD is the name of a period
  • TRANSACTION_TYPE is one of the following:
    • BEX for loading Balance Explanations
    • SRC for loading Source System Adjustments
    • SUB for loading Subsystem Adjustments
    • VEX for loading Variance Analysis Explanations
  • FILE_NAME is the name of the CSV file from which data is to be imported
  • DATE_FORMAT is date format text string; for example, MMM d, yyyy.


epmautomate importPreMappedTransactions "January 2015" "BEX" transactions.csv "MMM d, yyyy"