Creates the Program Documentation Report containing Profitability and Cost Management application logic.

You can download the report to a local computer using the downloadFile command.

Applies to

Profitability and Cost Management

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User, User, Viewer


epmautomate programDocumentationReport APPLICATION_NAME POV_NAME [fileName=FILE_NAME] [fileType=PDF|WORD|EXCEL|HTML] [useAlias=true|false] stringDelimiter="DELIMITER" where:
  • APPLICATION_NAME is the name of the Profitability and Cost Management application for which the Program Documentation Report is to be created.
  • POV_NAME is the name of the model POV in the application for which the report is to be generated.

  • fileName, optionally, is a unique name (including extension) for the report file. Default report file name is HPCMMLProgramDocumentationReport_APPLICATION_NAME_POV_NAME.pdf.

  • fileType, optionally, is the output file format. Default is PDF.

  • useAlias, optionally, specifies whether to print aliases in place of member names. Default is false.

  • stringDelimiter is the delimiter used in POV values. Delimiter must be enclosed in double quotation marks.


epmautomate programDocumentationReport BksML30 2019_Feb_Actual fileName=Feb-Actual.xls fileType=Excel useAlias=true stringDelimiter="_"