Removes matched transactions from Account Reconciliation.

Applies to

Account Reconciliation

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User, User, Viewer

Users with Power User, User, and Viewer predefined roles may require additional application roles.


epmautomate purgeTmTransactions matchType age [filterOperator=VALUE] [filterValue=VALUE] [logFilename=FILE_NAME] where:
  • matchType is the identifier (TextID) of the match type from which matched transactions should be deleted.
  • age identifies the number of days since the transaction was matched. Matched transaction older than or equal to this value will be deleted.
  • filterOperator, optionally, is one of the following filter conditions to identify the accounts containing matched transactions for deletion. This value is combined with the filterValue to identify the accounts from which matched transactions should be purged:
    • equals
    • not_equals
    • starts_with
    • ends_with
    • contains
    • not_contains
  • filterValue, optionally, is a filter value to identify the transactions to purge. If the filterOperator is equals or not_equals, you can use a space-separated list to specify multiple values; for example, filterValue=101-120 filterValue=102-202. If multiple values are specified, transactions from accounts matching any filter operator and filter value combination are selected for purging.
  • logFilename, optionally, is the name of a log file to record information about the command activity. If a file name is not specified, a log file named PurgeTransactions_JOB_ID is automatically generated.


If filterOperator and filterValue are not specified, all matched transactions older than or equal to the age from all accounts for the specified matchType are purged.


  • Purge matched transactions 180 days or older for match type cashrecon:

    epmautomate purgeTMTransactions cashrecon 180 logFile=tmlogs.log

  • Purge matched transactions 180 days or older for match type cashrecon for Account 101-120 or 102-202:

    epmautomate purgeTMTransactions cashrecon 180 filterOperator=equals filterValue=101-120 FilterValue=102-202

  • Purge matched transactions 180 days or older for match type cashrecon for any account containing the string 11:

    epmautomate purgeTMTransactions cashrecon 180 filterOperator=cTMmatchedontains filterValue=11