Recomputes ownership data

Recomputing of ownership data in Financial Consolidation and Close is required in these situations:

  • After adding or deleting override rules for Ownership Management accounts
  • After you change Consolidation Methods range settings
  • After a database refresh, regardless of whether the entity structure was changed

Recomputing of ownership data in Tax Reporting is required after each database refresh even if the entity structure was not changed.

Applies to

Financial Consolidation and Close and Tax Reporting.

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User, User


epmautomate recomputeOwnershipData Scenario Year Period where:
  • Scenario is the name of the scenario to recompute.
  • Year is the year to recompute.
  • Period is the first period of the year to recompute.

    The selected period and all subsequent periods are recomputed.


A POV that requires recomputation can be consolidated only after the ownership data is recomputed.


epmautomate recomputeOwnershipData FCCS_total_Actual FY19 Jan