Running EPM Automate

You use your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud credentials to sign in using EPM Automate. You cannot sign in using your SSO credentials.

All EPM Cloud users can use their identity domain credentials to connect to an environment using EPM Automate. The predefined and application roles assigned to the user determine the commands that a user can execute.

Additionally, only Service Administrators can run some commands while Identity Domain Administrator roles may also be required to some commands.

Generating Debug Log File

Oracle Support will ask you for a debug log file of the session to troubleshoot problems that you encountered while running EPM Automate. EPM Automate supports the -d option to generate debug messages, which can then be redirected to a file using > directive. You can create a debug file for one command or a batch execution file or script containing several commands.

Usage: epmautomate command [command_parameters] -d > log_file 2>&1

Windows Example: epmautomate downloadfile "Artifact Snapshot" -d > C:\logs\download_log.txt 2>&1

Linux Example: downloadfile "Artifact Snapshot" -d > ./logs/download_log 2>&1